Pea pancakes with poached eggs

Put cooked peas (frozen are fine) + cornflour + beaten egg + S&P in food processor and blitz to make a purée/pancake batter Make this as fine or coarse as you like Add chopped parsley + finely sliced spring onions Fry in small batches in a good non-stick pan with a little olive oil Keep…

Chestnut flour pancakes with creamy mushroom & chive filling

Vegetarian & gluten free For the mushroom filling: Slice mushrooms & sauté in light olive oil When golden add a little finely chopped garlic & cook for a minute or two Add a big splash of dry sherry + water + sprig of thyme + sea salt + pepper Simmer until the liquid has reduced…

Vegan hickory smoke seitan ‘bacon’

Brunch this Saturday morning was a vegan feast of sweetcorn fritters and our new hickory smoke seitan ‘bacon’, fresh from the SugarPepper Test Kitchen! x 100% success on the taste-test front! Made with organic gluten flour, red miso paste, nutritional yeast and Colgin Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke (vegan all-natural liquid smoke with no additives or…

Seitan Italian-style sage & oregano meatballs – buonissimo!

More vegan delights from the SugarPepper Test Kitchen – today it’s seitan Italian-style sage & oregano meatballs – buonissimo! ‪ ‪#‎recipetrial‬ ‪#‎wholewheat‬ spaghetti ‪#‎organic‬ ‪#‎Oxford‬ #‎streetfood‬

Seitan sage and thyme vegan ‘sausages’

First batch of seitan sage and thyme ‘sausages’ from the ‪‎test kitchen‬ – delicious and made from scratch! Now on to homemade red pepper ketchup . . . . . Sage and spring onion make great breakfast sausages too #testkitchen #vegan #seitan