Brunch – chickpea pancakes

Infuse olive oil with rosemary and garlic Make a pancake batter – chickpea flour (or any flour you like) + water + S&P (or Greek yoghurt and water for a richer pancake) Chill batter for a while Fry up your pancakes in the rosemary and garlic infused olive oil Coarsely mash together avocado + lemon…

Tomato salad with tomato dressing – AKA – ajotomate!

Super-ripe tomato for dressing + ripe salad tomatoes + garlic + sherry vinegar + olive oil Mash garlic and sea salt together Add coarsely chopped skinned & seeded super-ripe tomato Pound the tomato together with the garlic until  blended & add the sherry vinegar Gradually add the olive oil stirring with the pestle to mix…

Pork & chorizo meatballs

From the top: Finely diced red chillies Meatballs: pork + chorizo + Manchego + parsley + garlic + paprika Spaghetti mixed with pan-fried garlic red peppers For more meatball ideas visit: Meatball Deli  |   |  For the love of meatballs!

Spanish pork and beef meatballs with patatas panaderas

Pork and beef meatballs  Dried chillies + garlic + shallots + green olives + paprika + tomatoes  Minced pork & beef + garlic + parsley + salt & pepper  Pan-fried in olive oil until golden Tip: why not make a double batch for the freezer   Patatas panaderas Potatoes + green peppers + sliced garlic…

Empanadas – three ways

  Tuna, boiled egg, tomato, garlic & parsley with olive oil pastry  X Serrano ham, leeks, parsley, tomato & boiled egg with olive oil pastry X Deep fried chicken, chorizo & red pepper empanadas with Fino sherry & olive oil pastry

Paprika Halloumi

Pan-fried paprika halloumi with a honey, mustard, garlic, chilli & mint dressing