French apple tart

  Apples + lemon + sugar + cream +  almonds Peel & slice apples Mix with lemon juice & sugar Roll out sweet pastry Lay on the sliced apples Beat egg & cream together Pour over apples Top with almonds and a little sugar Bake @ 190C ’til golden – around 25 minutes

Roast duck pie with mushrooms & sage forcemeat balls

For the filling: Fry diced bacon until crisp – drain and reserve Season the duck legs and fry until both sides are golden Transfer to oven and cook through Drain off excess fat Return bacon to the pan Add chopped mushrooms Fry mushrooms until golden Add red wine + chicken stock + bay leaves For…

Chorizo, red pepper and Romesco pizza – Italy meets Spain!

Prepare a batch of pizza dough, using your favourite recipe Make the Romesco by pounding together in a pestle mortar:  roasted red peppers + toasted almond & hazelnuts + fried bread + cayenne + paprika + garlic + sea salt+ olive oil Spread over the the prepared Romesco over the pizza base Finely grate Manchego…

Spinach & puy lentil burgers

  Cooked puy lentils + chopped blanched spinach + finely sliced spring onions + minced garlic + chopped chillies to taste + grated mature Cheddar + chopped parsley Paprika + mustard powder + thyme + ketchup + breadcrumbs +  beaten egg + S&P Mix together Form into burgers & chill for  a while Shallow fry…

Vegan hickory smoke seitan ‘bacon’

Brunch this Saturday morning was a vegan feast of sweetcorn fritters and our new hickory smoke seitan ‘bacon’, fresh from the SugarPepper Test Kitchen! x 100% success on the taste-test front! Made with organic gluten flour, red miso paste, nutritional yeast and Colgin Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke (vegan all-natural liquid smoke with no additives or…

Scandi-licious Saturday lunch! Swedish style meatballs

Scandi-licious Saturday lunch! Beef and pork Swedish style meatballs with soured cream gravy Beetroot, apple, dill, chive and parsley salad Braised red cabbage #SvenskaKottbullar #Rödbetssallad #Rödkål #Learn2Cook #Oxford

Seitan Italian-style sage & oregano meatballs – buonissimo!

More vegan delights from the SugarPepper Test Kitchen – today it’s seitan Italian-style sage & oregano meatballs – buonissimo! ‪ ‪#‎recipetrial‬ ‪#‎wholewheat‬ spaghetti ‪#‎organic‬ ‪#‎Oxford‬ #‎streetfood‬