Vegan hickory smoke seitan ‘bacon’

Brunch this Saturday morning was a vegan feast of sweetcorn fritters and our new hickory smoke seitan ‘bacon’, fresh from the SugarPepper Test Kitchen! x 100% success on the taste-test front! Made with organic gluten flour, red miso paste, nutritional yeast and Colgin Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke (vegan all-natural liquid smoke with no additives or…

Beef ravioli in a chicken, pancetta and mascarpone sauce

Use 1 large egg per 100g of flour (preferably Tipo 00 or a mix) Create a well and crack the eggs into it (add tomato puree to the egg at this stage for tomato pasta) Whisk the eggs together and begin to combine with the flour until you have a soft dough Knead for 5…

Croque Monsieur

Ham + Gruyere + Dijon mustard + quality sliced white bread Spread mustard on bread Top with sliced ham & sliced or grated Gruyere Top with another slice of bread Butter both sides of the bread & place the sandwich in a hot ‘dry’ frying pan Cook over medium heat (about 3-4 minutes)  or until…

Seitan Italian-style sage & oregano meatballs – buonissimo!

More vegan delights from the SugarPepper Test Kitchen – today it’s seitan Italian-style sage & oregano meatballs – buonissimo! ‪ ‪#‎recipetrial‬ ‪#‎wholewheat‬ spaghetti ‪#‎organic‬ ‪#‎Oxford‬ #‎streetfood‬

Harissa houmous

Simple nutritious & delicious lunch of homemade houmous with harissa & pitta #vegan #organic #eatwell everyday

Merguez meatballs

Merguez meatballs – makes around 16 walnut-sized meatballs 250g organic minced lamb 50g organic minced beef 2 medium cloves garlic, minced ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper ½ teaspoon cumin seeds ½ teaspoon fennel seeds ½ teaspoon coriander seeds 1 dessert spoon sweet paprika ½ teaspoon cayenne (or to taste) 1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley 1…

Gluten-free Cheddar, mushroom and chive tartlets

Mushroom Cheddar & chive tartlets with #glutenfree @Dovesfarm plain flour pastry – YUM!#cookerylessons#Oxford — SᴜɢᴀʀPᴇᴘᴘᴇʀ Cᴏᴏᴋꜱ (@SugarPeppers) May 1, 2015