Cheddar, dill & beer loaf

360g organic flour – either all white or ½ white & ½ brown
120g mature Cheddar – grated
2 tablespoons finely chopped dill (or substitute chives if you prefer)
½ teaspoon local honey
2 teaspoons baking powder
300ml pilsner/lager at room temperature (non-alcoholic works too)
1.5 teaspoons salt
Butter at room temperature


Combine the flour/s, baking powder, dill, salt and Cheddar
Stir in the pilsner & honey
Pour into a buttered loaf tin and brush the top with a little oil or butter
Bake at 190C for about 35-40 minutes or until an inserted skewer comes out clean
However tempted you are to eat this loaf, allow it to cool on a rack for at least 15 minutes before slicing!


This loaf works well using gluten free flours (e.g. Doves Farm) and lager (e.g.Estrella Damm Daura Gluten Free Lager or Celia Organic Gluten Free Lager)


Perfect with lots of butter!

& makes a fine tuna mayo sandwich too!


Tuna + mayonnaise + capers + cucumber + lemon + black pepper, et voila!



Curried parsnip soup with CorianderSalt parsnip crisps


Rinse and pat dry a large bunch of coriander
Pick off the leaves (chop the stalks & freeze ready for your next curry!) and lay out on a baking tray. Put in oven on its lowest setting and de-hydrate until the leaves have completely dried out – this process may take an hour or so, depending on your oven and the leaf size
Put the dried leaves in a mini food processor along with sea salt flakes
Blitz up to you preferred level of coarseness and store, unrefrigerated in a Kilner

Great sprinkled on eggs too!

Method for the crisps
Top, tail and peel some small parsnips
Slice thinly using a mandolin or by hand if you are feeling confident!
Heat about 7cm of rapeseed oil (I used Cotswold Gold) or olive oil in a large pan to about 180C
Carefully drop some of the parsnip discs into the oil and cook until they are crisp and golden – this may take from 1-3 minutes depending on size of parsnips used
Remove with a slotted spoon onto some kitchen roll
Generously season with your prepared CorianderSalt or any other flavour that takes your fancy!

These crisps are so moreish and work well served alongside olives and the like for evening drinks – enjoy!

 Curried parsnip soup

And a couple of red onion bhajias as well . . . . never hurt anyone!

Tapas cookery lessons

Hola ! Tapas cookery lessons Oxford crop

The tapas dishes of Spain are world famous for being simple yet full of flavour.

Learn how to make a range of tasty tapas dishes creating many of the great flavours of Spanish cooking in this lesson.

Tapas cookery lessons Oxford  jpg 1

Tapas cookery lessons Oxford  jpg 1

Click here tapas cookery lessons Oxford or contact us for further details and to check availability.

Hasta la vista! Tapas cookery lessons Oxford

Giant pasta shells – two ways

Giant pasta shells stuffed with aubergine, basil, oregano & mozzarella balls + wilted spinach + red pesto

Giant pasta shells - SugarPepper Cooks - cookery lessons Oxford

Roast aubergine until soft and peel off skin when done


Mix roughly chopped roast aubergine + basil + parsley + oregano + breadcrumbs + mozzarella + egg + S&P


Roll into small balls & shallow fry until cooked – put aside & keep warm


Cook pasta shells


Roast tomatoes + red peppers + garlic in olive oil + S&P


Rustle up some pesto

Reserve half for green pesto

Blend other half with the roasted red peppers & tomatoes for red pesto


Spoon some tomato sauce into an ovenproof dish

Fill cooked pasta shells with aubergine balls + wilted spinach + dollop of red pesto

Sprinkle over some grated mozzarella

Cover with foil & heat through in oven


Drizzle over some green pesto


Giant pasta shells with – chicken + Parmesan  +  oregano balls &  Alfredo sauce

SugarPepper Cooks - Cookery lessons Oxford

For Alfredo sauce – in a small pan gently heat double cream + minced garlic + grated Parmesan until cheese has melted & sauce thickened

SugarPepper Cooks - Cookery lessons Oxford

Mix minced chicken + oregano + parsley + Parmesan + breadcrumbs + hint of garlic + egg + S&P

Roll in to small balls and shallow fry until cooked – put aside & keep warm

SugarPepper Cooks - Cookery lessons Oxford

Spoon some chicken stock into an ovenproof dish

Fill cooked pasta shells with chicken balls + wilted spinach

Drizzle over a little more chicken stock

Cover with foil & heat through in oven

SugarPepper Cooks - Cookery lessons Oxford

Stir  finely chopped fresh parsley into the Alfredo sauce and spoon over the shells