Red lentil & mushroom lasagne

For the sauce Make a traditional beef ragu or Bolognese sauce using your favourite recipe but substitute red lentils for minced beef  – be careful not to over cook the lentils! For the mushroom layer Pan-fry sliced mushrooms in olive oil When they have released & reabsorbed their water add some finely chopped garlic &…

Cheddar, dill & beer loaf

Ingredients 360g organic flour – either all white or ½ white & ½ brown 120g mature Cheddar – grated 2 tablespoons finely chopped dill (or substitute chives if you prefer) ½ teaspoon local honey 2 teaspoons baking powder 300ml pilsner/lager at room temperature (non-alcoholic works too) 1.5 teaspoons salt Butter at room temperature Method Combine…

Baked squash stuffed with quinoa & halloumi

Hollow out squash & par-bake Saute the scooped out squash & garlic in olive oil Fill the par-baked squash with the sauteed squash + cooked quinoa + skinned seeded tomatoes + blanched spinach + chopped marinated olives + chives + dill + paprika + diced +  halloumi Return to oven and cook through

Chestnut flour pancakes with creamy mushroom & chive filling

Vegetarian & gluten free For the mushroom filling: Slice mushrooms & sauté in light olive oil When golden add a little finely chopped garlic & cook for a minute or two Add a big splash of dry sherry + water + sprig of thyme + sea salt + pepper Simmer until the liquid has reduced…

Seitan sage and thyme vegan ‘sausages’

First batch of seitan sage and thyme ‘sausages’ from the ‪‎test kitchen‬ – delicious and made from scratch! Now on to homemade red pepper ketchup . . . . . Sage and spring onion make great breakfast sausages too #testkitchen #vegan #seitan

Gluten-free Cheddar, mushroom and chive tartlets

Mushroom Cheddar & chive tartlets with #glutenfree @Dovesfarm plain flour pastry – YUM!#cookerylessons#Oxford — SᴜɢᴀʀPᴇᴘᴘᴇʀ Cᴏᴏᴋꜱ (@SugarPeppers) May 1, 2015

Easy tarragon potted ham

Shred the meat of a cooked smoked or unsmoked gammon joint Blend together the shredded ham + butter (at room temp) + Dijon mustard + white pepper in a food processor When your desired consistency is achieved remove the blade from the processor bowl and stir in finely chopped parsley, chives & tarragon Pack this…