Cheddar, dill & beer loaf

360g organic flour – either all white or ½ white & ½ brown
120g mature Cheddar – grated
2 tablespoons finely chopped dill (or substitute chives if you prefer)
½ teaspoon local honey
2 teaspoons baking powder
300ml pilsner/lager at room temperature (non-alcoholic works too)
1.5 teaspoons salt
Butter at room temperature


Combine the flour/s, baking powder, dill, salt and Cheddar
Stir in the pilsner & honey
Pour into a buttered loaf tin and brush the top with a little oil or butter
Bake at 190C for about 35-40 minutes or until an inserted skewer comes out clean
However tempted you are to eat this loaf, allow it to cool on a rack for at least 15 minutes before slicing!


This loaf works well using gluten free flours (e.g. Doves Farm) and lager (e.g.Estrella Damm Daura Gluten Free Lager or Celia Organic Gluten Free Lager)


Perfect with lots of butter!

& makes a fine tuna mayo sandwich too!


Tuna + mayonnaise + capers + cucumber + lemon + black pepper, et voila!



Summer pizzas

Two summer pizzas using tomatoes, basil, ricotta, Parmesan & garlic –



Salad pizza:

cooked base + raw topping = perfect for summer!

Using your favourite dough recipe prepare a pizza base


Place the base on a baking tray and put under a hot grill for 2-3 minutes each side – or until cooked through

Allow to cool slightly



Garlic oil = finely chopped garlic + extra virgin olive oil


For the topping mix together ricotta + grated vegetarian Parmesan + minced garlic + chopped basil + garlic oil + black pepper + sea salt



 Spread the ricotta mix generously over the cooled cooked pizza base



Top the ricotta mix with sliced ripe tomatoes


Mix finely shredded basil into some of the garlic

& drizzle it over the fresh tomatoes



Do not underestimate how delicious this summer salad pizza is eaten cold! The trick is to allow the garlic oil and ricotta topping time to develop lots of flavour – so it’s a good idea to prepare these the day before or at least a few hours in advance.

But if you’d prefer not to eat it cold then put in a medium-hot oven for 4-5 minutes or until just heated through.


Three cheese pizza

Using your favourite dough recipe again & prepare a pizza base


This time only cook one side under a hot grill – this helps achieve the ‘blistered’ look and taste you get when using a traditional pizza oven

Remove the par-cooked pizza base and then switch your oven from grill setting to oven mode and allow it to heat up on its highest temperature


Spread a small amount of prepared tomato sauce over the base

Top with dollops of the ricotta Parmesan &  basil mix and sliced mozzarella




 To liven this up a bit I’ve added olives and capers


Drizzle over some garlic oil

& sprinkle on a little oregano


Cook for 3 to 4  minutes or until the mozzarella is bubbling and the base crisp


Good just as it is or add some vegetarian Parmesan shavings

& more shredded basil

Summer pizza 3


summer pizza 2017

 Buon appetito!

Courgette & halloumi cakes with a caper & lemon dressing

Mix together grated courgettes + grated halloumi + dried or fresh mint + finely sliced spring onions + garlic + flour (for gluten-free –  chickpea flour or ground almonds) + egg + S & P
  Shape the mixture into cakes and shallow fry in olive oil until golden
Make a dressing with capers + finely chopped parsley + diced cucumber + olive oil + lemon juice
  . . . . they are also surprisingly good served with just a dollop of homemade guacamole! (click on link for guacamole recipe)

Tomato tagliatelle with mozzarella, pine nuts, capers and olives



Prepare fresh tomato tagliatelle as described in the previous post for ‘ravioli’


Cook in gently boiling water until al dente  & drain


Toss the cooked tagliatelle in garlic oil & season with S & P

Stir in diced mozzarella + toasted pine nuts + cherry tomatoes + olives + capers + rocket + torn basil



Perfect as it is

 . . . also goes well with grilled lemon & rosemary chicken or fresh tuna steak (minus the mozzarella)

Halloumi Heaven – Part II


Beetroot, halloumi and carrot ‘burgers’ / cakes
Grated beetroot + carrots + halloumi + thyme + spring onions + garlic + flour + egg + S & P
Rocket & honey + Dijon mustard + lemon dressing
Courgette and  halloumi cakes
 Grated courgettes + halloumi + dried mint + spring onions + garlic + flour (for gluten-free –  chickpea flour or ground almonds) + egg + S & P
 Shallow fry in olive oil unitl golden & finish off in oven – surprisingly good served with just a dollop of guacamole!
Olive oil + S & P
Diced de-seeded tomatoes  + olive oil + white wine vinegar + salt + dill
Or with capers + parsley + cucumber + olive oil + lemon juice