Carrot & potato soup

With cheese croutons  – 3 ways Cheddar & Worcestershire sauce Cheddar & spring onions Cheddar & sage

Pollo all y pebre – Spanish garlic and pepper chicken

Fry  whole & smashed garlic cloves in olive oil – half with skins left on Remove – set aside the unpeeled fried garlic & discard the rest Season corn fed free-range chicken joints with paprika + S & P Fry  in the  garlic oil until coloured Remove & reserve Pour off any surplus oil left…

Scandi-licious Saturday lunch! Swedish style meatballs

Scandi-licious Saturday lunch! Beef and pork Swedish style meatballs with soured cream gravy Beetroot, apple, dill, chive and parsley salad Braised red cabbage #SvenskaKottbullar #Rödbetssallad #Rödkål #Learn2Cook #Oxford


Salbitxada –  Catalan sauce eaten with char-grillled  calçots,  a type of green onion from Catalunya – similar to spring onions/baby leeks Pound the toasted almonds with a mortar and pestle – to your preferred texture Coarse for a sauce with more bite Finer for a sauce to accompany calçots Add the garlic + chilli &…