Gazpacho - Oxford Tapas Club
Gazpacho – Oxford Tapas Club

Throw in blender:  tomatoes + peppers + cucumber + garlic + onion + bread soaked in water + olive  oil + sherry vinegar + water + S&P

Gazpacho – Oxford Tapas Club

Chill for a couple of hours

Good with Queen olives


Gazpacho - Oxford Tapas Club
Gazpacho – Oxford Tapas Club

Welcome to our new ‘Cookery School’ the OXFORD TAPAS CLUB!

Classes focus on the wonderful, unique flavours of Spanish, Catalan & Basque cuisine, with 1 -to-1 and group lesson options available

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Curried parsnip soup with CorianderSalt parsnip crisps


Rinse and pat dry a large bunch of coriander
Pick off the leaves (chop the stalks & freeze ready for your next curry!) and lay out on a baking tray. Put in oven on its lowest setting and de-hydrate until the leaves have completely dried out – this process may take an hour or so, depending on your oven and the leaf size
Put the dried leaves in a mini food processor along with sea salt flakes
Blitz up to you preferred level of coarseness and store, unrefrigerated in a Kilner

Great sprinkled on eggs too!

Method for the crisps
Top, tail and peel some small parsnips
Slice thinly using a mandolin or by hand if you are feeling confident!
Heat about 7cm of rapeseed oil (I used Cotswold Gold) or olive oil in a large pan to about 180C
Carefully drop some of the parsnip discs into the oil and cook until they are crisp and golden – this may take from 1-3 minutes depending on size of parsnips used
Remove with a slotted spoon onto some kitchen roll
Generously season with your prepared CorianderSalt or any other flavour that takes your fancy!

These crisps are so moreish and work well served alongside olives and the like for evening drinks – enjoy!

 Curried parsnip soup

And a couple of red onion bhajias as well . . . . never hurt anyone!

What to do with a glut of courgettes – make soup of course!

If you grow your own vegetables you may have a bountiful harvest or ‘glut’ of courgettes’ you need to make use of. So for a quick & healthy lunch why not rustle up some courgette soup?

Courgette, chicken & tarragon soup
Courgette, chicken & tarragon soup

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Courgette, chicken & tarragon
Courgette, tomato, basil & thyme – see recipe posted Aug 2013
Courgette, watercress and rocket
Courgette, sweetcorn & tarragon – see recipe posted Sept 2013
Courgette, pea, broad bean & basil
Courgette, carrot & coriander
Courgette, smoked paprika and parsley
Cream of courgette & spring onion
Courgette, dill & potato
Courgette, red pepper & chilli
Curried courgette, coriander & coconut milk
Courgette, chick peas & spinach with Moroccan spices
Courgette & red pesto

Courgette soup
Courgette & red pesto soup
Courgette, sweetcorn & tarragon soup
Courgette, sweetcorn & tarragon soup
Courgette, tomato, basil & thyme soup
Courgette, tomato, basil & thyme soup


Summer soup – courgette, tomato, basil & thyme

courgette and tomato soup

courgette and tomato soup

Over a medium heat fry diced courgettes in olive oil for a few minutes

Add chopped garlic

Then skinned, seeded and diced tomatoes

Fry for a little longer

courgette and tomato soup

Add chicken or vegetable stock + white wine + thyme +  bay leaf and simmer until courgettes are cooked

Season to taste


Mix mayonnaise, grated Parmesan, minced garlic & chopped basil together

courgette and tomato soup

Stir chopped parsley into the soup and top with a dollop of the garlic Parmesan mayo