Beef ravioli in a chicken, pancetta and mascarpone sauce

Use 1 large egg per 100g of flour (preferably Tipo 00 or a mix)

Create a well and crack the eggs into it (add tomato puree to the egg at this stage for tomato pasta)

Whisk the eggs together and begin to combine with the flour until you have a soft dough

Knead for 5 minutes or until the dough is smooth and elastic


Wrap in clingfilm and chill for at least 30 minutes


Steak + garlic for ravioli filling


Fry steak for 4 minutes

Add whole garlic cloves and fry for another 2 minutes

Add beef stock S & P

Cover and simmer for 15 minutes

Remove meat and coarsely mince

Return to pan and stir into leafover stock


Set over a medium heat until the minced beef has just absorbed the leftover stock

Allow to cool


Mix with breadcrumbs + Parmesan + S & P


Steak + chicken + pancetta for sauce


Coarsely mince the meats


Fry in butter or mild  olive oil until golden


Add white wine and allow to evaporate slowly over a low heat

Add chicken stock + tomato puree + S & P

Cover & simmer for 30 minutes


Remove pasta from fridge

Cut off a portion about as large as an orange

Flatten dough with the base of the palm of your hand

Pass through the widest setting on your pasta machine

Fold the two ends into the middle & pass through  a few more times until the pasta begins to fit the width of pasta machine

Dust with flour as required


The pasta should be silky and have straight sides


Start to change the dial settings on your pasta machine so you can roll the pasta thinner and thinner

Remember to roll the pasta through each setting 2-3 times

& don’t be tempted to skip any!

For ravioli go to the lowest/thinnest setting

For tagliatelle, linguine, lasagne etc roll out to between 1-2mm thick & then run the dough through your chosen attachment


Cut the pasta sheet in 2

Make 2 rows of about 1 teaspoon of the ravioli filling on 1 of the sheets



Lightly brush a little water around each filling


Top with the second sheet of pasta


Press down around the dots of the filling

Gently push down around each filling, tightly sealing in the filling and ensuring there is no air left


Cut the pasta into ravioli with a cutter


Cook in gently boiling water for 3-5 minutes (depending on size) until al dente and drain

Add mascarpone to the chicken & pancetta sauce

Add cooked ravioli and parsley to the sauce

Equally good with chicken or spinach, pine nut and ricotta filling


Beef, pork & chive meatball Guinness pie

It’s British Pie Week so celebrating with our favourite original recipe – hearty beef, pork and chive meatball Guinness pie with parsley pastry!




Scandi-licious Saturday lunch! Swedish style meatballs

Scandi-licious Saturday lunch!


Beef and pork Swedish style meatballs with soured cream gravy
Beetroot, apple, dill, chive and parsley salad
Braised red cabbage



Warm puy lentil salad with Toulouse sausages, feta & wilted rocket

Puy lentil salad

Puy lentil salad

Cooked puy lentils + spring onions + garlic + parsley + Dijon mustard + Toulouse sausages + feta

Puy lentil salad

Fry the sausages + bacon or pancetta + garlic + spring onions

Puy lentil salad

Remove sausages & cut on the diagonal & keep warm

Drain off any excess oil from pan & add cooked lentils + chopped parsley + Dijon mustard + black pepper

Puy lentil salad

Mix well with more spring onions and rocket

Puy lentil salad

Top with the sliced Toulouse sausages + crumbled feta + diced seeded tomatoes or finely diced re chillies, if you prefer

Drizzle with extra Dijon vinaigrette

Puy lentil salad

For a meat-free version why not use veggie sausages or falafel instead?

Or omit sausages and add extra feta + black olives + marinated sunblush tomatoes + diced peppers + chopped chives

Puy lentil salad

Cypriot style meatballs | Keftedes – with tzatziki & pitta

Cypriot style meatballs | Keftedes – with tzatziki & pitta

Cypriot style meatballs - Keftedes

Mix together: free range/organic pork mince + grated potato (with water squeezed out) + finely sliced spring onions + finely chopped fresh mint + pinch dried mint + sea salt

Roll the mix into balls and refrigerate for 30 minutes

Cypriot style meatballs - Keftedes

Shallow fry in olive oil until cooked through and golden

Cypriot style meatballs - Keftedes

For pittas:

240ml warm water
2 teaspoons dry yeast
400g  flour ( 1/4 wholemeal + 3/4 plain white is a good mix)
Good  pinch or two of sea salt
Drop of honey
Glug of olive oil
Mix water + yeast + honey & leave to froth up for five minutes
Add to the flour and knead for 7- 10 minutes
Cover and leave in a warm place for 90 – 120 minutes or until doubled in size
When ready divide into 8 pieces & roll into 7″ – 8″ rounds
Place on pre-heated baking tray and cook @ 210C for around 3 minutes
The pitta will puff up and when fully ‘ballooned’ is ready

Cypriot style meatballs - Keftedes

Serve with the freshly made pitta bread + tzatziki

Works very well with chicken mince too

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Pinchos morunos and mojo picon

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Pinchos morunos are pork skewers with Moorish spices, a popular tapas. They are good on their own or with mojo picón, which is a spicy sauce from the Canary Islands.


For the pinchos:

Dice some pork fillet and mix with finely chopped garlic + paprika + cumin + cayenne  + sprig fresh thyme + olive oil + salt & pepper
Marinate over night

mojo picon

For the mojo picon:

Fry a slice of rustic white bread in olive oil until golden
In a pestle and mortar pound garlic + cumin seeds + salt together until smashed up and blended
Break up the fried bread and add to the mix along with paprika + some skinned roasted red pepper + cayenne
Stir in extra virgin olive oil + a dash of sherry vinegar + some cold water to loosen the mix

Pinchos morunos

Thread  the marinated pork on to cocktail sticks or soaked wooden skewers

BBQ or cook in griddle pan over a high-ish heat for 2-3 minutes each side

Serve the mojo picon as a dip for the pinchos or spread over some rustic bread slices and top with the pork pinchos

Pinchos morunos & mojo picon

Pinchos morunos & mojo picon

Mojo picon also goes well with boiled or roast potatoes, grilled fish & chicken, roasted aubergines & courgettes, and Spanish cheese

Still on the IndoChinese food theme – Vietnamese pork balls & chilli dipping sauce

Vietnamese pork balls

Lunch for 2

Mix together 250g minced pork + 3 big cloves of garlic (crushed) + 1 finely sliced shallot/large spring onion + small bunch finely shredded coriander + 1 finely chopped red chilli + 1 finely sliced lemongrass stalk + splash of fish sauce + sprinkle of sea salt + pinch of brown sugar

Roll into balls & pan fry until cooked through

For the chilli dipping sauce/dressing mix together 1 finely sliced large spring onion + 1 finely sliced red chilli + 1 small garlic clove crushed + 4 tblspns rice wine vinegar + ½ tblspn fish sauce  + pinch of brown sugar

Vietnamese pork balls

Vietnamese pork balls

Vietnamese pork balls

Serve with rice noodles etc – v low fat & gluten free!

Any leftovers = tasty snack for later!

Vietnamese pork balls