French apple tart

  Apples + lemon + sugar + cream +  almonds Peel & slice apples Mix with lemon juice & sugar Roll out sweet pastry Lay on the sliced apples Beat egg & cream together Pour over apples Top with almonds and a little sugar Bake @ 190C ’til golden – around 25 minutes

Baked squash stuffed with quinoa & halloumi

Hollow out squash & par-bake Saute the scooped out squash & garlic in olive oil Fill the par-baked squash with the sauteed squash + cooked quinoa + skinned seeded tomatoes + blanched spinach + chopped marinated olives + chives + dill + paprika + diced +  halloumi Return to oven and cook through

Pea pancakes with poached eggs

Put cooked peas (frozen are fine) + cornflour + beaten egg + S&P in food processor and blitz to make a purée/pancake batter Make this as fine or coarse as you like Add chopped parsley + finely sliced spring onions Fry in small batches in a good non-stick pan with a little olive oil Keep…