Baja California fish tacos

Fish taco

Salsa cruda/pico de gallo – diced seeded tomatoes + green chilli + coriander (optional) + red onion + lime juice + salt

fish tacos


Using a pestle and mortar, pound together 1 clove of  garlic + 1 finely sliced spring onion (white part only) + a generous pinch of  sea salt flakes until you achieve a paste-like consistency

Scoop out the avocado flesh

Add finely diced seeded tomatoes + green chilli + red onion

Finish with a squeeze of lime juice and a good stir

Adjust seasoning, needed



For the fish – cut any firm white fish into strips

Marinate with garlic + oregano + chilli + lime juice + sea salt


Make batter – flour + ice cold water + salt + chopped coriander

Dip fish into batter & deep fry until cooked & golden

Assemble tacos- shredded lettuce topped with fried fish

Baja Califonia fish tacos

Spoon on the tomato salsa

Some guacamole

And soured cream

Baja Califonia fish tacos

Serve with a wedge of lime and a cold beer!

Baja Califonia fish tacos


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