Croque Monsieur

Ham + Gruyere + Dijon mustard + quality sliced white bread

croque monsieur 21 2016

Spread mustard on bread

croque monsieur 13 2016

Top with sliced ham & sliced or grated Gruyere

croque monsieur 14 2016

Top with another slice of bread

Butter both sides of the bread & place the sandwich in a hot ‘dry’ frying pan

Cook over medium heat (about 3-4 minutes)  or until golden brown on both sides


croque monsieur

Make a thick Bechamel


Allow to cool


croque monsieur

Spread bechamel on the top slice & sprinkle over more grated Gruyere

Grill under a medium heat until cheese has melted and is golden

croque monsieur 2017

croque monsieur 11 2017

croque monsieur 6 2016

Great for weekend brunch

& if you’re extra hungry, top with a fried egg for a Croque Madame!

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