Pinchos morunos and mojo picon

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Pinchos morunos are pork skewers with Moorish spices, a popular tapas. They are good on their own or with mojo picón, which is a spicy sauce from the Canary Islands.


For the pinchos:

Dice some pork fillet and mix with finely chopped garlic + paprika + cumin + cayenne  + sprig fresh thyme + olive oil + salt & pepper
Marinate over night

mojo picon

For the mojo picon:

Fry a slice of rustic white bread in olive oil until golden
In a pestle and mortar pound garlic + cumin seeds + salt together until smashed up and blended
Break up the fried bread and add to the mix along with paprika + some skinned roasted red pepper + cayenne
Stir in extra virgin olive oil + a dash of sherry vinegar + some cold water to loosen the mix

Pinchos morunos

Thread  the marinated pork on to cocktail sticks or soaked wooden skewers

BBQ or cook in griddle pan over a high-ish heat for 2-3 minutes each side

Serve the mojo picon as a dip for the pinchos or spread over some rustic bread slices and top with the pork pinchos

Pinchos morunos & mojo picon

Pinchos morunos & mojo picon

Mojo picon also goes well with boiled or roast potatoes, grilled fish & chicken, roasted aubergines & courgettes, and Spanish cheese

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