Lebanese mezze

Lebanese mezze

Lebanese mezze: baba ghanoush + broad bean dip + labneh + falafel + marinated olives + toasted sesame seed, garlic & chilli dip + flatbreads

Lebanese mezze

Lebanese mezze

Lebanese mezze

Baba ghanoush or ghanouj: chargrilled & roasted aubergines + tahini + minced garlic + lemon juice + Mediterranean sea salt flakes

Lebanese mezze

Lebanese mezze

Broad bean dip:Cooked & skinned broad beans +  tahini + chopped coriander,  parsley & mint + garlic + lemon + extra virgin olive oil + Mediterranean sea salt flakes

Lebanese mezze

Labneh: strain Greek yoghurt for at least 12 hours

Add Mediterranean sea salt flakes & olive oil

Strain for up to 36 hours & the ‘cheese’ will become dense & then can be rolled into balls & preserved in plain or herbed oil

Lebanese mezze

Sesame seed dip: toasted sesame seeds + finely minced garlic + chilli flakes + Mediterranean sea salt flakes +extra virgin olive oil dip

475g plain flour flour (try substituting half with wholemeal or a quarter with chickpea flour)
2 tspns dried yeast
½ tspn ground cumin (optional)
Pinch of sugar
250-300ml lukewarm milk or water
Mix the flour + salt + cumin
Add yeast + sugar to the warm milk or water – leave to froth for 5 minutes
Add yeast mixture to the flour
Mix to form a smooth dough & knead for 5-10 minutes
Cover the dough and leave in a warm place until doubled in size ( about 60 to 90 minutes)
Knock back the dough
Divide into 12 equal pieces
Roll out onto circles
Cook on a medium to high heat in a lightly oiled, pre-heated solid frying pan for a couple of minutes each side

Lebanese mezze

Falafel: cooked chickpeas mashed together with minced garlic & onion + ground cumin + ground coriander + cayenne + chopped parsley & coriander + chickpea flour + S&P

Blend until the mixture is somewhere between the texture of cous cous &  a paste like consistency

Cover and refrigerate for a couple of hours

Roll into balls

Fry in vegetable oil, in small batches until  golden & piping hot – about 5-6 minutes




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Marinated Mediterranean vegetables



Evenly spread sliced courgettes + aubergines + cherry tomatoes + peeled garlic cloves
on a baking tray
Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil + Mediterranean sea salt flakes
Scatter over some sprigs of thyme and/or rosemary


Roast at 190C for about 30 minutes – turn the veg half way through cooking


When cooked through tip in to a sterilized jar adding some extra sprigs of fresh thyme, rosemary & a bay leaf


Top with your finest organic cold pressed olive oil


Leave to cool and then refrigerate



Top tips
-Great served cold on its own or with cured meats, tossed with fresh pasta and makes a delicious topping for bruschetta along with capers and anchovies
-Re-use the leftover oil the vegetables have been marinating in for cooking, salad dressings or a dip for bread
-This method works well with peppers and mushrooms too
-If you make this during the summer, try BBQ-ing your veg instead of roasting for that moreish smoky flavour you just can’t beat