Sweet and mildly spiced mango chutney


Sweet and mildly spiced mango chutney

mango chutney


Peel & dice mangoes – set aside

Finely chop garlic + red chilli

Finely grate some fresh ginger

mango chutney

mango chutney

Sauté the above in a plain oil for 1 minute


mango chutney

Add garam masala + ground cumin + ground coriander + cayenne + turmeric + some cardamom + tiniest hint of a pinch of cinnamon

mango chutney

Sauté for another minute or so


Add the diced mangoes + sugar + salt


+ white wine vinegar + nigella/black onion seeds


Mix well & bring to the boil
Reduce heat and simmer for about 1 hour
Mash up to desired texture



Allow to cool and pour into sterilized jars – store in fridge
This freezes well so you’ll always have a portion close by when you fancy it!



mango chutney

Great simply with freshly made naans, and especially good with curried lamb dishes or as a marinade for chicken drumsticks or veggie sausages.

Also pairs well with Boxing Day cold cuts, marmalade glazed cider baked ham and a good Brie!


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