Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
Take a journey down the rabbit hole and sample a magical selection of “eat me” offerings.
Served with mis-matched vintage crockery and a  touch of madness here and there!
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party:
The Mad Hatter’s favourite tea sandwiches
The March Hare’s cheese scones with chive butter
Alice’s scones with clotted cream and jam – if you dare!
“The rule is, jam to-morrow and jam yesterday – but never jam to-day.”
Faux escargot and mini tomato & egg “toadstools” on a spinach lawn
Iced pink flamingoes & mysterious “mushroom” marshmallow meringues  
“Eat me “ cupcakes and “unbirthday cakes”
Dormice asleep in teacakes
Queen of Hearts jam tarts
Tweedle Dee’s treacle tart
Tweedle Dum’s lemon curd tarts
Pool of Tears iced tea lemonade 
“Drink me” tea
And don’t be late for the very important date. . . . . . . . . . . .